Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Donations Received

31 Oct Facebook Advertising                $68.00
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6 Oct                   $100.00    United North Van (transfer)     
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5 Oct Tony Valente Fundraiser               $  27.49
1 Oct  Go Daddy                                          $11.49
1 Oct  Translink (bus pass)                       $52.00
1 Oct                  $200.00   Lower Lonsdale Business Assn
29 September  $200.00   George Pringle
5 September    $200.00   (Bill Bell Photography in kind)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Announcement Press Release

Last week, I appeared in the NS News after sending them a press release announcing my run for Mayor.

The article contained the quote "two factions led by NDP supporters who battle weekly on how to spend more of our taxpayer dollars," which Kerry Morris took as meaning him as he thinks everything is about him.  The full quote actually was“I see a Council with two factions led by NDP supporters who battle weekly on how to spend more of our taxpayer dollars.”

Kerry Morris is not a member of Council, he has 64 more days to pretend he will be the Mayor rather than just another third place finisher we shall never see in City Hall again.

I was referring to Mayor Mussatto and Councillor Bookham who denies she is the leader of organized faction or electoral slate.  I say "Actions speak louder than words".  You can read my North Van Council Watch article to read the actions of her VOICES party and decide for yourself.  I expect a pending Freedom of Information request to the City will reveal some additional info.

Here is the full press release:

A vote for George Pringle is a vote for Amalgamation
26 August 2014-08-26
North Vancouver – I will be making my second run for the Mayor of the City of North Vancouver but with the Unite North Van Electoral Organization this time.
“I see a Council with two factions led by NDP supporters who battle weekly on how to spend more of our taxpayer dollars.”
Rather than run honestly under a party name such as in Vancouver with Vision and the NPA, they feel they have to hide candidate affiliations under fake slates which are not arms length as required by Election Law.  It’s time to start a trend of dealing honestly with the voters.
“I will be running with a party name, Amalgamate North Van right on the ballot to inform voters clearly the most important issue to me.  A vote for George Pringle is a vote for a binding referendum on a detailed amalgamation plan devised by the citizens.”
Second, I will propose that the Lonsdale Energy Corporation be made a department of the City which would make it fully transparent and subject to Freedom of Information laws rather than a secretive private corporation with the City owning all the shares. There would be provincial enabling legislation required.
Third, we need a rest from all development.  We need a rest to allow the many problems that the rapid development and population increase we’ve endured over the last decade has caused.  I will propose a moratorium on all new development on any property of that is more than six stories, counting any platforms.  A six story building on a 3 story building is a 9 story building!”
During the 2011 election, I pledged to reduce my salary by $20,000, eliminate the car allowance and donate any funds to local charities that I receive in attending Metro Van meetings. I will do at least the same this time. Setting the Mayor’s pay at double the level of what a Councillor receives seems right to me.
I am a disabled military vet who has been forced in retirement early.  I don’t need a big salary to live.  For me, elected office is like when I was a infantryman in a harness of a machine gun sled on a glacier in far northern Norway.  You do it to serve, not to make money. 
Pringle, George Amalgamate North Van

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